Project: A soldier’s diary

One week left until one of the bloodiest battles in history begins. Although you were born in Australia, now you find yourself waiting in the French port of Saint-Valery for a truck to take you to the front line of the Western Front, where General Joseph Joffre will inform you and your companions of his plans to surprise the Germans. After several days bombarding the enemy, finally on July 1, 1916 they will send you to the trenches. There is no worse place in the world.

We do not know if you survived or not, what is certain is that you left a diary explaining your experiences during those horrible days at the Battle of the Somme. To complete this activity that will transport you to the depths of the First World War, you must download the template to make your diary and consult the information that we present you below.




Useful info to recall what you went through

It wouldn’t be strange if your memory failed you. Anyone who had lived what you lived would want to forget it completely. However, remembering history is very important so that new generations do not repeat the mistakes of the past. The following links will help you remember what day to day life was like in a trench and how the Battle of the Somme unfolded.

These maps will help you remember the place where you experienced Hell. From the Strait of Dover, going up the Somme river, to the town of Albert, a few kilometers away from Bapaume, controlled by the German Empire.

In the following documentary you can remember what life was like in the trenches of the Western Front during the First World War: